Can Chinese Teachers Improve our Maths?

I recently watched the recent BBC series 'Are Our Kids Tough Enough: Chinese School' which followed the experiences of five maths teachers from China as they started teaching in a school in Southampton. I anticipated that I might learn something that might explain the very high levels of attainment of students from China in international [...]

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Should we stop handwriting essays at school?

With Finland giving up on handwriting at school it is perhaps only a matter of time before we all follow. Before we down our pens with the Finns, however, should we consider whether pupils actually write as well on a word processor as they do with pen and paper? We ran a small study at [...]

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Measuring Progress in English and Maths

Do you have strong evidence that your Year 7 pupils made progress in English and Maths last year? Do you have strong evidence that your Year 7 pupils made better progress in English and Maths last year than pupils at other schools? Last year, seven schools were brave enough to measure their progress in English [...]

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