The gender pay gap in academy trusts


Update, 15:50, 3 April 2018: This post has been updated, with an interactive table of the data now available.

By Friday, public sector bodies with 250 or more employees had to submit data as part of the government’s gender pay gap reporting exercise.

While maintained schools have generally been outside the scope of the exercise, a large number of academy trusts have been required to report.

This is what we found by looking at the data.

Enormous discrepancy

Out of some 471 academy trusts identified, the average gender pay gap was 31.7% in men’s favour[1]. That is, for every £100 earned by a man, £68.30 was earned by a woman. For comparison, across all 7,520 organisations that had reported to the government as of 2pm yesterday – covering those in both the public and private sectors – the average was 10.1% in men’s favour.

Median pay gaps at individual academy trusts ranged from a vast 62.7% in men’s favour to 19.2% in women’s favour – though only 11 of these 471 trusts reported pay gaps in favour of women, with three reporting that they had no pay gap[2]. One in ten trusts reported a gender pay gap 50% or more in men’s favour.

Pay gaps at the largest academy trusts in England are shown in the chart below.

And data for all these 471 trusts is given in this interactive table, which as well as mean and median hourly wage gap figures, gives the percentage difference in bonus pay received and the percentage of male and female employees who received bonuses:

Trust nameCompany numberNumber of employeesMean hourly wage gender pay gapMedian hourly wage gender pay gapMean bonus gender pay gapMedian bonus gender pay gapPercentage of men receiving a bonusPercentage of women receiving a bonusLink to gender pay gap information
Abbey Multi Academy Trust7705552250 to 4991720.90000
Academies Enterprise Trust66250915000 to 19,99924.334.60000
Academy Transformation Trust78468521000 to 499928.341.528.
Accord Multi Academy Trust7484308500 to 99929.6510000
ACER TRUST9591931250 to 49920.130.90000
Acorn Education Trust7654902250 to 49927.240.971.1014.32.9
AD Astra Academy Trust9308398250 to 4999.613.90000
Advance Trust8414933250 to 499690000
Aldridge Education5670663500 to 99921.326.20000
All Saints Catholic Collegiate8709352250 to 49918.6220000
ALPHA ACADEMIES TRUST7272906250 to 49918.819.50000
AMETHYST ACADEMIES TRUST8310900250 to 4998.318.70000
Anglian Learning7564749500 to 99912.826.20000
Aquinas CE Education TrustX18500 to 99928.549.70000
Archway Learning Trust7875164250 to 4997.62.80000
Arden Multi Academy Trust7375267250 to 49922.921.20000
Ark Schools51120901000 to 4999141849855
Aspirations Academies Trust7867577500 to 99919.220.135.53141.2
Aspire Academies Trust8187216250 to 49918.231.50000
Aspire Academy Trust7387540500 to 99926380000
Aspire Learning Trust (Whittlesey)8006711250 to 49932.347.70000
Asset Education9434926250 to 49928.1420000
Aston Community Education Trust7577113250 to 49918320000
Astrea Academy Trust9791051500 to 99918.219.30000
Atlantic Centre Of Excellence Multi Academy Trust8782544250 to 49918.827.90000
Aurora Academies Trust8107711250 to 49935.242.30000
Avonbourne International Business And Enterprise Academy Trust8080096250 to 49921.635.70000
Batley Multi Academy Trust7732537250 to 49922.949.10000
Bay Education Trust9299975250 to 49923.244.40000
Beckfoot TrustX601000 to 499918.432.20000
Bedford Inclusive Learning and Training Trust8156641250 to 4995.600000
BEDFORDSHIRE SCHOOLS TRUST LIMITED7546141500 to 99932.748.30000
Berlesduna Academy Trust10267656250 to 49941.954.10000
Bishop Cleary Catholic Multi Academy Company8578428250 to 49921.133.60000
Blackpool Multi Academy Trust8597962250 to 49926180000
Blessed Christopher Wharton Catholic Academy Trust9066969250 to 49929.921.90000
Bohunt Education Trust7535642500 to 99927291001001.40
Bourne Education Trust7768726500 to 99934.10000
Bradford Academy Trust5508735250 to 49922390000
Bradford CollegeX1031000 to 49995.49.71001000.20
Bradford Diocesan Academies Trust8258994500 to 99923.2440000
Bradgate Education Partnership8168237250 to 49936.548.90000
Brampton Manor Trust7540236250 to 49921.7220000
Brentwood Academies Trust7638800250 to 49920.127.90000
Bridge Multi-Academy Trust7736425250 to 49916.140.10000
Bridgwater College Trust8098956500 to 99921.922.70000
Bright Futures Educational Trust7695771500 to 99918.827.40000
Bright Tribe Trust8144578500 to 9992030.40000
Brook Learning Trust7368292250 to 499203730351311
Burnt Mill Academy Trust7843166250 to 49923.335.70000
Bury St Edmunds Academy Trust7697600250 to 49923.636.60000
Cabot Learning Federation62075901000 to 499924.534.51001000.30
Calthorpe Teaching Academy Trust9064864250 to 4997.3-1-100-10000
Cambridge Meridian Academies Trust75524981000 to 499918.635.
Carmel Education Trust7808732500 to 99922.436.20000
Caroline Chisholm Education Trust7638756250 to 49933.341.50000
Castle Phoenix Trust8331385250 to 4998180000
Castle School Education Trust8397975500 to 99917.536.80000
Castleford Academy Trust7547039250 to 49927450000
Central Learning Partnership Trust7827368500 to 99920.824.80000
Central RSA Academies Trust8166526250 to 49924.329.50000
Cfbt Schools Trust74682101000 to 49992231.722.622.60.80.2
CHANGING LIVES IN COLLABORATION9748195250 to 49924.319.60000
Charles Darwin Academy Trust7554396Less than 25021450000
Cheam Academies Network7588097250 to 49915.752.90000
Chilford Hundred Education Trust7482650Less than 2508.819.90000
Chiltern Learning Trust7559901500 to 99923.537.20000
Chingford Academies Trust8179498250 to 49921.4300000
Christ The King Catholic Collegiate8933913250 to 49932440000
CHURCHILL ACADEMY 7687722Less than 25012.25.10000
City Of London Academies Trust4504128250 to 4992725.326.35.148.432.2
City Of Wolverhampton Academy Trust6969900250 to 49913.816.50000
Coastal Academies Trust7552665250 to 49919.230.50000
Community Academies Trust74727361000 to 499919.621.20000
Community Inclusive Trust9071623500 to 99930.3-3.10000
Community Schools Alliance Trust8319810250 to 49917350000
Compass Academy Trust9323096250 to 49927.861.50000
Connect Academy Trust10192252250 to 49929.4400000
Conyers Trust8366005250 to 49919.838.90000
COOMBE ACADEMY TRUST7905433250 to 49920210000
Cramlington Learning Village7730940250 to 4993.8-8.90000
Create Partnership Trust10318212250 to 49915.618.10000
Creative Education Trust76175291000 to 499922.126.90000
Crofty Multi Academy Trust10354924250 to 49928.6500000
Cumbria Education Trust7698631250 to 49919.935.90000
Delta Academies Trust73860861000 to 499925.847.80000
Diocese of Bristol Academies Trust8156759250 to 49931.233.30000
Diocese of Chichester Academy Trust9201845250 to 49922.121.80000
Diocese Of Leicester Academies Trust8138372250 to 49936520000
Diocese of Salisbury Multi Academy Trust8656655250 to 49928.314.70000
Diocese Of Southwell And Nottingham Multi-Academy Trust8738949Not Provided22.4100000
Discovery Schools Academies Trust Ltd8104111500 to 99931440000
Diverse Academies Trust76640121000 to 499924470000
Dixons Academies Charitable Trust Ltd2303464500 to 9991729191723
Djanogly Learning Trust4544722250 to 49925.219.60000
Dragonfly Education Trust7728482250 to 49928.749.60000
Drapers' Multi-Academy Trust7035556250 to 49919.816.746.446.42.60.7
drb Ignite Multi Academy Trust9284055500 to 99918.617.20000
E-Act65263761000 to 49999.19.20000
East Midlands Education Trust7530373500 to 99922.547.10000
Eastern Multi-Academy Trust7338780500 to 9993342.50000
Ebor Academy Trust8806335250 to 49922.120.10000
Education And Leadership Trust8913502500 to 9994.77.10000
Education Central Multi Academy Trust8255492500 to 99927360000
Education For The 21St Century7559170250 to 49918260000
Education South West74515531000 to 499929.155.90000
Emlc Academy TrustX335250 to 49925.856.463.668.414.115
Emmanuel Schools Foundation4464331500 to 99926.83775.652.62.26.2
Empower Learning Academy Trust7702119250 to 4992015.30000
Enfield Learning Trust10309116250 to 499-9.31.30000
Enhance Academy Trust7904096250 to 49929440000
Equals Trust10279606250 to 49914.4-0.10000
Every Child, Every Day Academy Trust8185432250 to 49917220000
Evolution Academy Trust8158619250 to 49937.354.60000
Excalibur Academies Trust8146633Not Provided17.231.90000
EXCEED ACADEMIES TRUST 10050238500 to 99917.522.70000
Exmouth Community College7554085250 to 49928.646.40000
Eynsham Partnership Academy7939655250 to 49920.947.70000
Fairfax Multi Academy Trust7661164250 to 49916.527.30000
Faringdon Academy Of Schools7977368250 to 49924400000
FARLINGAYE HIGH SCHOOL7667407250 to 49916380000
Feversham Education Trust7697587250 to 49913.917.40000
Finham Park Multi-Academy Trust7700317250 to 4991616.60000
Flying High Trust8076374500 to 99926.223.80000
Focus Academy Trust (UK) LtdX359500 to 99913.112.10000
Fort Pitt Thomas Aveling Academies7401701250 to 49930200000
Fulston Manor Academies Trust7343725250 to 49938.355.90000
Future Academies6543442250 to 4996.91185.
Future Schools Trust6272751250 to 49912.28.40000
Fylde Coast Academy Trust8364709500 to 9991412.916.316.31.30.3
Gateway Learning Community5853746250 to 49926.127.60000
Gdst Academy Trust6000347250 to 49919.124.884.784.73.80.3
Gfm Education7834711500 to 99923.341.20000
Glf Schools75519591000 to 499928.434.30000
Grace Academy4967658250 to 49911.7-2.710010020
Graveney Trust7687897250 to 49915.370000
Great Academies Education Trust6237630500 to 9991622-60-331217
Greenshaw Learning Trust7633694500 to 99925.939.60000
Greenwood Academies Trust68643391000 to 499927.837.80000
Guildford Education Partnership7649091500 to 99931470000
Haberdashers' Adams' Federation Trust6548296250 to 49927.958.3573311.3
Haberdashers' Aske's Federation Trust2535091500 to 99922.731.60000
Hall Cross Academy Trust7902880250 to 49913.127.80000
Harbourside Learning Partnership10161526250 to 49925.431.50000
Hardenhuish School Ltd7344277250 to 49927.541.10000
Harris Federation62285871000 to 499918.218.939.330.768.459.7
Hartismere Family of Schools7341583250 to 49920.845.60000
Hastings Academies TrustX425500 to 99925.341.2-45.7-2510.4
Hatton Academies Trust7949111250 to 4993661.50000
Healing Multi Academy Trust7345756250 to 49929.655.50000
HEART Academies Trust6969741250 to 49912.39.7-28.9-16.74.86
Hinchingbrooke School7732319250 to 49920.132.10000
Holy Family Catholic Academy Trust8155184Less than 25017340000
Holy Family Catholic Multi Academy Trust8269066500 to 99968620000
Holy Trinity Catholic Multi Academy Company10013691Less than 25021.543.80000
HOPE LEARNING TRUST, YORK7559537250 to 49918.320.80000
Horizons Specialist Academy Trust8608287250 to 49926.7340000
Hornbeam Academy Trust8153765250 to 49923140000
Hull Collaborative Academy Trust8542806500 to 99927170000
Inspiration Trust8179349500 to 99917.817.61.830.440.8
Inspirational Futures Trust8329993250 to 4992431677357
Inspiring Futures Through Learning7698904250 to 49918.831.20000
Inspiring Schools Partnership7557634250 to 4999.823.10000
Invictus Education Trust9284368500 to 99927.854.20000
Jefferys Education Trust7690473250 to 49924.236.20000
John Taylor Mat7421140250 to 49920400000
Kennet School Academies Trust7543874250 to 4992735.70000
Kent Catholic Schools' Partnership81760191000 to 499929.149.850.449.51425
Kenton Schools Academy Trust7964133250 to 49914.814.10000
Kingsbridge Educational Trust9144847250 to 49923.126.80000
Kingsbury High School7819872250 to 49919.928.40000
L.E.A.D. Multi-Academy Trust82969211000 to 499932.343.70000
Landau Forte Charitable Trust2387916500 to 999233547031
Langley Park Academies7697400250 to 49927.147.627.1000
Launceston College8150106250 to 49922.543.80000
Learn Academies Trust8095439250 to 49938590000
Learner Engagement And Achievement Partnership Multi-Academy Trust7361021250 to 49913.321.40000
LEARNERS' TRUST10224802Less than 25024120000
Learning In Harmony Multi Academy Trust9148738500 to 9993631.90000
Learning Without Limits Academy Trust10269535250 to 49912.414.60000
Lee Chapel Multi Academy Trust7673871250 to 49925.637.10000
Legra Academy Trust8066610250 to 49910200000
Leigh Academies Trust23365871000 to 499911152.608.62.3
Leigh Trust8779660250 to 49916.429.10000
Leo Academy Trust7543202250 to 49928.112.30000
Leodis Academies Trust7720181250 to 49928.2430000
Leverhulme Academy Cof E Community Trust10514293250 to 49917.3360000
Life Multi-Academy Trust7992438250 to 49917.228.30000
Lighthouse Schools PartnershipX552250 to 49922440000
Lincoln Anglican Academy Trust8737412250 to 49926.639.40000
Lion Academy Trust8171341250 to 49939.540.80000
Lionheart Academies Trust8473899500 to 99927.160.50000
Longfield Academy Trust7700556250 to 49916.326.50000
LOXFORD SCHOOL TRUST LIMITED8743560500 to 99927310000
Lunesdale Learning Trust7438425250 to 49960.655.10000
Lydiate Learning Trust7732559250 to 49920.333.10000
Lymm High School8171068Less than 2506.711.90000
Maiden Erlegh Trust7548754250 to 49929.859.50000
Maltby Learning Trust7033915500 to 99930390000
MARCHES ACADEMY TRUST7680422250 to 4993.66.40000
Matrix Academy Trust7654219500 to 99919.324.70000
Meller Educational Trust6933010250 to 49919.719.90000
Mercia Learning Trust8119703250 to 49936.959.60000
Midsomer Norton Schools Partnership7365778500 to 9992846.40000
Milton Keynes Education Trust7663689250 to 49916.5300000
Minsthorpe Academy Trust7635467250 to 49922.642.10000
Montsaye Community Learning Partnership7670511500 to 99930.950.70000
MOOR END ACADEMIES TRUST 7599308250 to 49919.119.50000
MOWBRAY EDUCATION TRUST LIMITED7796947250 to 4993249.60000
Newquay Education Trust8961355250 to 4991532.50000
Nexus Multi Academy Trust10075893Less than 25019.616.10000
NINESTILES ACADEMY TRUST LIMITEDX682500 to 99921.124-100-10000.8
Nonsuch And Wallington Education Trust7627961250 to 499270000
Norfolk Academies7946986250 to 49923.633.939.940.53.41
North East Learning Trust7492165500 to 99912270000
North Essex Multi-Academy Trust7687474250 to 49920.334.50000
Northampton Primary Academy Trust8172039250 to 49935.647.10000
Northampton School for Boys7333885250 to 49927.960.60000
NORTHERN AMBITION ACADEMIES TRUST7556117250 to 49920.432.50000
Northern Education Trust71896471000 to 499923.927.30000
Northern Schools Trust5067702250 to 4994.95.90000
Northern Star Academies Trust7553531250 to 499650000
Nova Education Trust7635510500 to 99923.331.657.666.320.7
Nower Hill High School7690023250 to 49911.218.60000
Nunthorpe Multi-Academy Trust Limited8188507250 to 49922.645.80000
Oasis Community Learning53985291000 to 499918.517.30000
OCEAN LEARNING TRUST 9628750Not Provided35.9550000
Orchard Hill College Academy Trust8476149250 to 49911.214.50000
Ormiston Academies Trust69821271000 to 499926.443.229.9-3.771.458.8
ORTU FEDERATION LTD7660783250 to 49927460000
Oxford Diocesan Schools Trust8143249500 to 99917.823.70000
PA COMMUNITY TRUST9718257250 to 4994.9-19.20000
Palladian Academy Trust8061092250 to 49926.140.70000
Paradigm Trust8469218250 to 49912.410.20000.3
Pathfinder Multi Academy Trust7559610250 to 49931.413.50000
Pax Christi Catholic Academy Trust8192900250 to 49926.442.80000
Peninsula Learning Trust7565242250 to 49935.259.80000
Peterborough Diocese Education Trust8509710500 to 99922.333.90000
Plymouth Cast84386861000 to 49993570000
Pontefract Academies Trust8445158500 to 99930.948.50000
Portico Academy Trust9952066250 to 49918170000
Preston Manor Academy Trust8359584250 to 4999.6210000
Qed Academy Trust7493622250 to 49920.641.10000
Reach2 Academy Trust84522811000 to 499924.830.70000
Red Kite Learning Trust7523507500 to 9992546.132.6205.22.3
Redhill Academy Trust7430317500 to 99922.637.40000
RIDGEWAY EDUCATION TRUST8104201250 to 49925.234.30000
RIDGEWAY LEARNING PARTNERSHIP8056991250 to 499-10.212.6-35.2-
Rightforsuccess Trust8282834250 to 49919.517.50000
RIver Learning TrustX806Not Provided22.9390000
Rossett School7664288250 to 49910.25.90000
Rushey Mead Educational Trust9079258250 to 4998.912.70000
Saffron Academy Trust7618351250 to 49923.152.71001000.80
Saint Robert Lawrence Catholic Academy Trust7937154250 to 49920.930.30000
Samuel Ward Academy Trust74003861000 to 499935.352.50000
Sapientia Education Trust7466353250 to 49916.7-1.30000
Scholars' Education Trust7697132250 to 49925.653.754.1-
Schoolsworks Academy Trust7962974250 to 49936.461.60000
Sentamu Academy Learning Trust6544825250 to 49924.331.20000
Severn Academies Educational Trust7633402250 to 49928.538.20000
Severndale Specialist Academy8738846250 to 49926.217.10000
SHARE Multi Academy Trust7729878250 to 49914.822.70000
SHELDON SCHOOL 7556236250 to 49914.527.70000
SHIRELAND COLLEGIATE ACADEMY TRUST6336693250 to 49929.834.854.3174.11.4
Sidney Stringer Multi Academy Trust6672920250 to 49916.828.10000
SMART Multi Academy Trust10257723250 to 49919.236.30000
Solent Academies Trust8374351250 to 499-107-30000
South Dartmoor Academy7561204250 to 49928.347.50000
South East Cornwall Multi Academy Regional Trust7542166250 to 49924.242.90000
South East Essex Academy Trust7527304250 to 49934.356.895.6801.70.4
South Nottingham Catholic Academy Trust7743523250 to 49925.126.90000
South Orpington Learning Alliance Multi-Academy Trust7943613250 to 49940.357.80000
South West Essex Community Education Trust Limited7693309250 to 49930.941.80000
Southend East Community Academy TrustX917250 to 49914.916.70000
St Alban Catholic Academies Trust9660515250 to 49919.617.61001001.10
St Barnabas Catholic Academy Trust8089246250 to 4999110000
St Bart's Multi Academy Trust8735454250 to 49916.825.4004.10
St Chad's Academies Trust8526973250 to 49918210000
St Christopher's C Of E (Primary) Multi Academy Trust8538844250 to 49921.644.40000
St Cuthbert's Roman Catholic Academy Trust9023802500 to 99911.517.10000
St Francis Of Assisi Academies Trust8462151250 to 4992270000
St George's Academy Trust7087804250 to 49917.635.10000
St Gilbert Of Sempringham Catholic Academy Trust8462512250 to 49921.321.40.4000
ST HILDAa S CATHOLIC ACADEMY TRUST9811711500 to 99930.742.90000
St Ivo School7703797250 to 49920260000
St John The Baptist Catholic Multi Academy Trust7913261250 to 49925.946.80000
St Mary's Academy Trust7917752250 to 49917.410.20000
St Thomas More Partnership Of Schools7900532250 to 49925.141.50000
Staploe Education Trust7534901250 to 49927.648.50000
Step Academy Trust7612865Not Provided31400000
Success Academy Trust8135389250 to 49934.647.60000
SUSSEX LEARNING TRUST7705100250 to 49941.662.71001001.70
Swale Academies Trust7344732500 to 99931.953.931.439.50.96
Symphony Learning Trust7941899250 to 49924.137.20000
Tapton School Academy Trust7697171500 to 99915320000
Tauheedul Education Trust73538491000 to 499918.810.40000
TBAP Trust8425513250 to 49911.119.313261933
Tenterden Schools Trust7736448250 to 49917.129.5-61.8672.413.6
Thame Partnership Academy Trust8154932250 to 49926.142.50000
The Academy Trust Of Melksham8153550500 to 99922.227.40000
THE ACTIVE LEARNING TRUST LIMITED79030021000 to 499929.129.40000
The Aquinas Catholic Academy Trust8901256250 to 49919.933.30000
The Arthur Terry Learning Partnership7730920500 to 9991190000
The Ascent Academies' Trust8098007250 to 49912130000
The Athelstan Trust7699625250 to 49930.243.20000
The Bath And Wells Diocesan Academies Trust8207095500 to 99924.836.60000
The Bishop Anthony Educational Trust8762217250 to 49926.4120000
The Bishop Konstant Catholic Academy Trust8253770500 to 99935.158.40000
The Bishop Wheeler Catholic Academy Trust8399801250 to 49916.939.30000
The Blessed Cyprian Tansi Catholic Academy Trust8090890500 to 9999.534.60000
The Blessed Edward Bamber Catholic Multi Academy Trust9111449250 to 49920.827.50000
The Blue School7706776250 to 49932.851.80000
The Blyth Quays Trust8428466Less than 25031.949.50000
The Boston Witham Academies Federation8158309250 to 49911.314.40000
The Brigshaw Learning Partnership10301662250 to 49919.735.70000
The Brooke Weston Trust24007841000 to 499923.231.528.706.23.9
The Cam Academy Trust7491945500 to 99922.5380000Http://
The Canterbury Academy7345430250 to 499-0.51.90000
The Cardinal Hume Academies Trust8148675250 to 49912.212.3159.939.966.733.3
THE CASTLE PARTNERSHIP TRUST7657731250 to 49917.236.60000
The Challenger Multi Academy Trust9270040250 to 49920.18.30000
The Collaborative Academies Trust8168307500 to 99936.652.1-16.114.711
The Collegiate Trust8058921250 to 49926.633.20000
THE CONSTELLATION TRUST6545396250 to 49919.529.50000
The Co-Operative Academies Trust7747126500 to 99919.413.70000
The David Ross Education Trust61826121000 to 499926.637.40000
The De Ferrers Trust7442789500 to 99918.421.90000
The Dean Trust8027943500 to 99920.5260000
The Diamond Learning Partnership Trust8062508250 to 49924.250.40000
The Diocese Of Canterbury Academies Trust9035788500 to 99914.614.70000
The Diocese of Chelmsford Vine Schools Trust8709542500 to 99926.825.90000
The Diocese Of Coventry Multi-Academy Trust8422015500 to 99918.837.10000
The Diocese Of Ely Multi-Academy Trust8464996500 to 99916230000
The Diocese of Gloucester Academies Trust8149299500 to 99931.6500000
The Diocese Of Norwich Education And Academies Trust8737435500 to 99929.442.30000
The Diocese Of Westminster Academy Trust7944160500 to 99924.427.30000
The Duston Education Trust9299605250 to 49918.535.70000
The Eden Academy8036395250 to 49927.96.80000
The Education Alliance7542211500 to 99918.23422.322.31.10.4
The Education Fellowship Trust7848783500 to 99921.450.10000
The Education Village Academy Trust7748248250 to 4992213.10000
The Elliot Foundation Academies Trust81167061000 to 499927.728.90000
The Engage Multi Academy Trust8699493250 to 499000000
The Enquire Learning Trust80569071000 to 499921.327.40000
The Evolve Trust7827747250 to 49927.158.30000
The Fallibroome Trust7346144250 to 49924.241.10000
The First Federation Trust7819870250 to 49933.447.60000
The Futures Trust8678162500 to 9992838.10000
THE GALAXY TRUST 10250958250 to 49930429595822
The Good Shepherd Trust8366199500 to 99926.533.50000
The Gorse Academies Trust7465701500 to 99915.418.70.1015.314
The Greenacre Academy Trust7965316250 to 49928430000
The Griffin Schools Trust7893665500 to 99918.534.10000
THE HARMONY TRUST LTD8840373250 to 499-2.800000
The Heath Family (North West)7614421500 to 99918.835.70000
The Howard Partnership Trust7597068500 to 99920.537004.91.5
The Kemnal Academies Trust73482311000 to 499922.933.933.2031.7
The Kite Academy Trust9785186250 to 49924.10000
The Laidlaw Schools Trust5735093250 to 49912.8141816.77.58.2
The Langley Academy Trust5358533250 to 49927370000
THE LAURUS TRUST7907463250 to 49921.5220000
The Learning Academy Trust7394649250 to 49922.542.40000
The Midland Academies Trust7191874250 to 499192913130.90.3
The Mirfield Free Grammar And Sixth Form Multi-Academy Trust7521584250 to 49912.832.90000
The Mossbourne Federation4468267500 to 9999.69.20000
The Newman Catholic Collegiate8550110250 to 49912.311.10-
The Northern Lincolnshire Catholic Academy Trust7973953250 to 49923.539.30000
The Northumberland Church Of England Academy6653439500 to 99931.241.80000
THE NORTHWORTHY TRUST7532146250 to 49916.928.60000
The Olympus Academy Trust7844791500 to 99919160000
The Painsley Catholic Academy8146661250 to 49931.848.80000
The Park Federation Academy Trust8146330500 to 99922.231.646.846.82.90.1
The Partnership Trust7728112250 to 49919210000
The Pioneer Academy7691324250 to 49918.936.91001002.20
The Primary First Trust8738750250 to 49927.434.3-999.9-999.900
The Priory Federation Of Academies6462935500 to 99923.537.80000
The Priory Learning Trust7698707250 to 49910.57.393.6-1084.20.6
The Queen Katherine School Multi Academy Trust7472799250 to 49923.340.60000
The Rivers C of E Multi Academy Trust9199371250 to 49911.328.40000
The Rodillian Multi Academy Trust7990619250 to 49911.36.50000
The Romero Catholic Academy9702162500 to 99917390000
The Rosedale Hewens Academy Trust7683702250 to 4997.315.30000
The Rowan Learning Trust8010464Not Provided22.435.90000
The Shared Learning Trust5958361Not Provided18300000
The Shaw Education Trust9067175500 to 99919.327.90000
The Sigma Trust7926573500 to 99925.739.40000
The Southfield Grange Trust7754077250 to 49921.234.60000
The Spencer Academies Trust7353824500 to 99924.635.30000
The Spring Partnership Trust7656245250 to 49910.31.31001002.60
The St Neots Learning Partnership7703784250 to 49914.323.80000
The Stour Academy Trust8179242250 to 49932.436.10000
The Ted Wragg Multi Academy Trust8545109250 to 49917.429.60000
The Tenax Schools Trust7542155250 to 49933.853.90000
The Thinking Schools Academy Trust7359755500 to 99922.133.51.949.50.50.9
The Thomas Hardye Multi Academy Trust7677838250 to 49924.934.60000
THE THREE RIVERS LEARNING TRUST LIMITED7838203250 to 49920.944.90000
The Thrive Partnership Academy Trust7803969250 to 49924.452.50000
The Two Counties Trust7972029Not Provided14.122.10000
The Village Academy7738386250 to 49922.390000
The Wensum Trust7982312500 to 99927.335.70000
The White Horse Federation80757851000 to 499923.334.4100030.1
The Williamson Trust7569727250 to 49928.741.90000
The Yare Education Trust10301555250 to 49914.833.20000
THOMAS DEACON EDUCATION TRUST5090788500 to 99925.544.60000
THORNDEN SCHOOL7562918250 to 49918.838.90000
Tollbar Multi Academy Trust8085503500 to 99921.623.10000
Torquay Boys' Grammar School7394671250 to 49921.544.20000
Tove Learning Trust7525820250 to 49916.126.60000
Transform Trust8320065250 to 49923.930.20000
Transforming Lives Educational Trust7515832250 to 49914.644.20000.4
Trent Academies GroupX1099500 to 99918.214.70000
Trinitas Academy Trust7554121Less than 25029.342.20000
Trinity Multi Academy Trust6897239Not Provided26.944.71001000.80
Truro & Penwith Academy Trust8880841Not Provided27.343.50000
Trust In Learning (Academies)8089704250 to 4992117.80000
Tudhoe Learning Trust8270151250 to 49936.541.90000
Tudor Grange Academies Trust7365748500 to 99919.522.8-18.406.46.9
Twyford Church of England Academies Trust7648968250 to 49911.215.80000
Twynham Learning7565088250 to 49919.123.30000
United Endeavour Trust9679560Less than 250830000
United Learning Trust44398595000 to 19,99914.716.9-13.805.75.4
UNITY SCHOOLS TRUST7692130250 to 49916170000
University of Brighton Academies TrustX1131250 to 49919.46.20000
University Of Chester Academies Trust6929486250 to 49921.230.40000
University Of Chichester (Multi) Academy Trust8595545250 to 4992632281481
University Schools Trust,East London7742547250 to 4991720.90000
Vale Academy Trust7674473500 to 99913210000
Valley Invicta Academies Trust7559256500 to 99915.93.10000
VENTRUS LIMITED7821367500 to 99920.134.90000
Venturers Trust6511936500 to 999513.50000
Victoria Academies Trust7887796250 to 49926.531.50000
Wade Deacon Trust8278808250 to 49919.931.60000
Wakefield City Academies Trust74628851000 to 499930.552.20000
WALES HIGH SCHOOL ACADEMY TRUST 7372160Not Provided12.821.10000
WALLACE TRUST8034402250 to 49925.4-5.90000
Washwood Heath Multi Academy Trust8531479250 to 49911.928.80000
Waterton Academy Trust9124782250 to 49942480000
Wellspring Academy Trust8120960500 to 99912160000
Wellsway Multi Academy Trust7746787500 to 99922350000
Wessex Learning Trust7348580250 to 49922.926.70000
West Norfolk Academies Trust7546118500 to 99920.9420000
Westcountry Schools Trust73984671000 to 49992339.10000
White Rose Academies Trust7958615250 to 4996.1-4.651.2010.910.1
White Woods Primary Academy Trust8589470250 to 49915.13.5-13.9309.45.4
Whitefield Academy Trust8878604250 to 49922520000
Wickersley Partnership Trust8833508500 to 99922.126.60000
Wigston Academies Trust7975551250 to 49939350000
Wildern School7554117250 to 4996.511.40000
Wimborne Academy Trust9362004250 to 49928610000
Windsor Academy Trust7523436500 to 99927.938.71001000.90
Windsor Learning Partnership9409109250 to 49924.841.50000
Woodard Academies Trust6415729500 to 99926200000
Woodchurch High School7775671250 to 49920.438.10000
Xavier Catholic Education Trust10236797500 to 99932.351.70000
Yorkshire and the Humber Co-operative Learning Trust10375776250 to 49924.7480000
Yorkshire Causeway Schools Trust7663935500 to 99925480000
ZENITH MULTI ACADEMY TRUST7559293250 to 49915.731.70000

We’ve also made the data available as a CSV file for those who would prefer that. This features all of the columns from the source data file.

And we’ve also making the code we used to analyse the data available, to allow others to build upon our analysis.

Some thoughts on the data

There are some things it’s worth saying about the data.

Firstly, gender pay gaps the government has required these organisations to report are not calculated on a like-for-like basis. That is, the data doesn’t take account of the fact that men and women may be in different roles or different grades.

Some will consider this a limitation of the data – though it could be argued that using this approach in fact shines a greater light on the large gender pay discrepancy that exists in part precisely because of differences in roles and seniority.

The data is also unaudited – meaning to some extent we are having to take the numbers on trust.

Another limitation when attempting to draw comparisons between different organisations is that the figures only cover employees. If one academy trust employed cleaning staff directly, they would count in the figures, whereas for another academy trust which had outsourced its cleaning they would not. If we supposed that cleaning staff were generally female and low paid, this could have a flattering effect on the figures of this second trust.

As well as these data quality issues, there appear to be a number of academy trusts that should have reported as part of this process but which have not done so. In theory at least, these trusts could face fines from the Equality and Human Rights Commission for their non-compliance.

In contrast, there were at least 12 trusts which reported pay gap figures despite not being required to, on account of having fewer than 250 employees. Props to Charles Darwin Academy Trust, Chilford Hundred Education Trust, Churchill Academy, Holy Family Catholic Academy Trust, Holy Trinity Catholic Multi Academy Company, the Learners’ Trust, Lymm High School, Nexus Multi Academy Trust, The Blyth Quays Trust, Trinitas Academy Trust, United Endeavour Trust, Warrington Collegiate Education Trust and any others that did so.

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[1] The average used here is a median of medians – an approached used by others, in the absence of the data required to calculate a weighted average.
[2] The data for at least one of these three looks highly implausible, with mean and a median pay gaps of exactly zero reported.
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About the Author:

Philip is Education Datalab’s external affairs manager, and a researcher on inspection, the academy system and other subjects. He leads on Datalab’s public profile, including the team’s use of visualisation. His research interests include multi-academy trusts, free schools, school finance, and Ofsted.


  1. Mark Bennet April 3, 2018 at 4:24 pm - Reply

    I think it is inaccurate to say that for every £100 earned by a man £68.30 was earned by a woman, though the same figures could be properly expressed in different terms. You will find, I think, that the majority of employees in most of the trusts are women, and that if the total earned by women were compared with the total earned by men, women would earn more than men (and your formulation is at least ambiguous in suggesting that it is these totals which are being compared). If you were to look at top quartile figures you would likely see women taking a substantial proportion of top quartile jobs – more than in many other sectors. It is also likely true that the relatively few men employed are employed, on average, higher up the organisation, and also that a very high proportion of lower paid posts are taken by women.

    Perversely, the easiest way to even up the score in many trusts would be to stop employing women on lower pay scales altogether (so the jobs would cease to exist) – just as the easies way to narrow the attainment gap would be to stop teaching the higher attainers so well.

    If you were to ask “Is this a sector in which it might be good to work as a woman” you would likely get a more nuanced answer, with flexible working/jobshare/part time working/term-time school hours posts sometimes/often?available, and plenty of senior posts available to women. Workload issues might be a downside for teachers.

    There is clearly work still to be done, but this is a very different picture from many sectors, where women are in the minority, or in the minority in the top jobs (that might still be the case in education at the very top). I think there is more to be done to extract proper information from the data – the headlines only get you so far.

    • Jon April 5, 2018 at 11:54 am - Reply

      I was looking at something similar to your last point last year using the DfE workforce data, just out of interest. Women outweigh men in teaching (363,300 women compared to 117,200 men in all teaching/leadership/head roles 68% more women!) but, both in percentage terms within each gender and actual numbers, men are more highly represented amongst the highest pay bands. I’ve knocked together some tables and figures cribbed from the 2016 workforce data here: (note that I lost ~1,000 staff from the overall figures as I’m not sure which band those classroom teachers earning above £50k all fit into).

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