Why do pupils who went to infant and first schools appear to underperform at Key Stage 4?

Is it real underperformance, or something else? The Datalab team take a look at the issue.

Long-term disadvantage, part five: What explains the gap between London and the north?

Disadvantaged pupils in the north have an average Attainment 8 score 6.5 points lower than that of disadvantaged pupils in London. Why?

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Long-term disadvantage, part four: Our friends in the north

This is part three in a series of blogposts exploring long-term disadvantage. Other posts in the series can be found here. Some of you might remember the 1996 TV series in which Christopher Ecclestone plays Nicky Hutchinson. As an impatient politician he argues that “Tomorrow is too late”. The Northern Powerhouse Partnership (NPP) has today issued [...]

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