We are looking for a new member of staff to join the Education Datalab team.


This role stretches across the work of Education Datalab and the rest of FFT. As part of this role you will work with developers to specify calculations and seek feedback about your analyses from users and colleagues.  This is an excellent opportunity to join an established team and help the company maintain and develop the statistical models that underpin the analysis FFT provides to schools.

Our new statistician could be located in our offices in Westminster or in FFT’s main offices in Cowbridge, near Cardiff. Apply here.

Other roles at FFT

FFT is also hiring for a number of other roles – SQL Developer, Web Developer, Data Analyst and IT Support Technician. You can find out more about all of these jobs on the FFT website here.

More generally, at Education Datalab we are always on the lookout for quantitative researchers with a passion for using data to improve education policy. If you think this sounds like you then send your CV to educationdatalab@fft.org.uk. To give you an idea of our skill needs, we currently work in SQL databases, implementing statistical analysis in R or Stata, and creating graphics in Tableau, R or Excel.